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A Holistic Approach to Healing Your Vision with Chris from The Life Edge

If our prescriptions keep increasing throughout the years, there is always a reason why. That's not normal.

Join us for a special episode of The Life Edge Podcast where Dr. Bryce Appelbaum talks to Chris. They discuss the mis-diagnoses associated with vision, the journey that Dr. Appelbaum went on in order to become a highly specialized neuro-optometrist. We also discuss Chris’s own journey with vision, eyesight and his experience doing the ScreenFit Program. Dr. Bryce talks about how vision therapy is helping people, especially those recovering from serious head injuries. Tune in to this episode for a deeper look into the wonders of our eyes and the science of vision therapy. 

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The Life Edge is a course platform that pre-vets online courses to verify the experts and the content so that you can focus on learning with confidence. They also host a Podcast where they bring you interviews of motivating coaches, course creators, and mentors with the goal of helping you discover the tools needed to make your dreams a reality. They dive deep into the how’s and why’s of each course creator’s content. 

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