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Patient Success Stories

Vital Visionaries is based on the principle that vision is the gateway to the brain. This movement seeks to change the perception of vision for the world and empower people to unlock their life’s potential through better vision.

"How I recovered from concussions as an athlete with Vision Therapy"


After experiencing numerous head injuries, Sarah shares her story about personal experiences with Vision Therapy and how it changed her life.

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"Vision Therapy helped me be a Teen Again."


With an extremely complicated medical history, Jordana shares her unique journey through Vision Therapy and how she found normalcy in the classroom and beyond by taking control of her vision and visual processing.

"How Vision Therapy helped my son support his dream of being a pilot"


After initially hitting road blocks based off of a more structural and medical model to eye care, Alli took matters into her own hand and pursued a more functional approach to her son’s care, opening doors that they were told would never be possible.

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"Vision Therapy was the missing piece in my kids learning difficulties"


As an occupational therapist by training and mother of three, Andrea knew there was so much beyond 20/20 eyesight that would be critical to her children’s successes in the classroom, on the field, and overall in life. 

How Vision Therapy Helped me Overcome Binocular Vision Problems


After a lifetime of vision problems from a very young age, Sue had come to terms with her limited visual abilities and surrendered to life of avoiding visually demanding tasks like driving. Then she discovered Vision Therapy and everything changed. . She’s now the author of two books and an advocate of Vision Therapy. And best of all – her whole world has “inflated” with the ability to see in 3D. 

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"I Can Finally Complete My Bachelor's Degree after doing Vision Therapy"


After suffering many concussions when he was young, Andy just accepted his new normal, avoiding reading, crowded places and living with the Cognitive Fatigue. After Vision Therapy he’s gotten his life back as well as his drive to reach for more and the energy to make it happen!

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