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Sports Vision Training

We help athletes unleash their potential through vision.

Vision is the dominant learning sense and the most important sensory system in regard to athletic performance. Athletes’ first connection to their sport is through vision. Visual skills are learned and these abilities can be enhanced to attain a competitive advantage and optimize performance. Imagine being able to slow down your sport, anticipate the ball’s movement more accurately, and consciously shift to being “in the zone” of heightened central and peripheral visual awareness. 

Believe it or not, this is teachable. 

We train athletes to optimize critical components of their visual systems, resulting in more consistency and improved play. Allow us to help transform your raw talent into honed performance through optimizing your vision.

From an early age everyone is told to “keep your eye on the ball,” but very often never actually taught how. 

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, seeking to rise up the competitive ranks, or a serious professional, Sports Vision Training can help you gain a competitive edge by enhancing visual reaction time, depth perception, hand/eye coordination, visuospatial knowledge, visual tracking, and visualization ability. While the visual demands vary among sports, designing an individualized sports vision training program can boost speed and accuracy of visual thinking and improve performance. Even the smallest percentage increase in various areas of visual function can lead to tremendous cumulative gains and allow for precise execution on split second decisions. And in the cases where a large gap is identified in terms of where the athlete is operating and their potential ceiling, sports vision training can help close the gap and uncover greatness.

Give your brain the sensory training it deserves and optimize the years of work already put in to realize your true athletic potential.

Dr. Appelbaum of VisionFirst has worked with hundreds of professional athletes, numerous professional and collegiate sport teams, and countless amateur athletes to transform raw talent into honed performance through optimizing vision. 

These athletes include NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NWSL players, professional golfers, volleyball and tennis players, and Olympic fencers, gymnasts, swimmers, archers, and shooters. Dr. Appelbaum also helps teams consider who to draft or sign as a free agent based on assessing a player’s visual potential and identifying how far off they may be from operating at that ceiling.

Sports Vision Training at Home

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