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Healthier Together with Liz Moody: The Difference Between Eyesight & Vision & How to Optimize Both

“Eyesight is a symptom of a vision problem”

Join bestselling author and journalist Liz Moody and Neuro-Optometrist  Dr. Bryce Appelbaum to hear more about an eye doctor’s tips for supporting eye health in adults and children, including screen time recommendations, tips for dry eyes, daily exercises for vision support, and more. Plus the important difference between eyesight and vision.
In this episode
  • The difference between eyesight and vision
  • Why blue light shouldn’t get as bad of a reputation as it does
  • How the 20/20/20 rule can transform your eye health
  • A genius way to use your vision to instantly increase creativity 
  • Three quick exercises to do daily for better eye health
  • A post-concussion protocol 
  • Exactly how much screen time children should have at each age + how to protect their vision generally 
  • The two main risk factors for nearsightedness + what to do to prevent it
  • Easy hacks for preventing dry eyes (+ why eye drops could be doing more harm than good!)
  • Why you may want to opt for contacts over glasses + the best kind of contacts
  • What’s causing itchy eyes, floaters, twitching, & more (+ how to get rid of them!)
  • An eye doctor’s honest thoughts on LASIK


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