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Occupational Therapy

In Association with JK Therapy

VisionFirst is proud to be offering Occupational Therapy Services to our patients through JK Therapy. 

JK Therapy provides a unique perspective and comprehensive team approach to maximizing your child’s potential. Our occupational therapists work closely with the vision team to improve ocular motor difficulties as they impact reading, writing, coordination, navigating your environment, and so much more.

JK Therapy works with children and adults of all abilities helping to further develop new skills, grow potential, and build confidence in fun and motivating ways. We specialize in therapy for children with sensory processing, low muscle tone, motor planning, fine motor, executive functioning, and other needs. Our services range from OT screening, evaluation, and treatment, to parent and teacher coaching, consultation, and professional development.

Occupational Therapy at VisionFirst

Occupational therapy assists children, adolescents, and their families on building on skills that enable them to perform developmentally appropriate tasks with success and to reach their maximal potential. We use child-led, family-centered practices to ensure that your child develops intrinsic motivation, confidence, and independence needed to engage their ‘occupations’ throughout their day. 

These “occupations” are better known as regular daily activities such as play, dressing, socializing, school activities, and so much more.

Area of Expertise:

Services Include:

About JK Therapy

Founded by Julie Kobylarek, MA, MS, OTR/L

Julie is the founder of JK Therapy and an occupational therapist who specializes in working with children of all levels and abilities particularly those with developmental delays and sensory processing needs. Julie is passionate about helping children of all ages and developmental levels maximize their potential in a fun and motivating way. Julie works with children with a variety of diagnoses, developmental delays, and sensory processing needs. Julie has worked in a number of schools and outpatient specialized programs in New York City and the D.C. Metro area, providing services for children with special needs.

Julie is dedicated to continuously expanding her knowledge in the field of occupational therapy. She holds a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Towson University, a Master of Arts degree in Motor Learning and Control from Columbia University (her thesis focused on sensory processing disorder in the classroom), and a Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan. She is also certified in levels one and two of the Radiant Child Yoga Program (RCYP 1-2) and has taken courses in emotional regulation, yoga for kids, executive functioning skills, and Handwriting without Tears.

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