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Mind Body Green: ScreenFit Review

“You may not even recognize it, but your tech places a lot of extra strain and stress on the visual system—so much so that your productivity, focus, and efficiency may start to decrease. That’s where ScreenFit comes into play, as the program can dramatically decrease those dreaded symptoms (blur, strain, dryness, etc.) so that you get more done and, most importantly, feel comfortable doing it.”

Written By Jamie Schneider

The Verdict

I’m in my 20s and don’t need reading glasses (yet…), so the benefits I noticed were mainly related to eye strain, focus, and productivity. As an editor who types on her computer all day long, I struggle with some pretty gnarly blur in the evenings—I practically end the day cross-eyed. Usually, it takes me several minutes to readjust my eyes to the real world post-work, but after completing the program, I was able to retain much more clarity. 

Not to mention, I noticed my right eye gaining some strength as the program went on; toward the end of my 10-day program, my right eye had even “beat” my left eye in some of the visual accuracy and speed exercises. I expect my eye coordination has become way more balanced, so my left eye doesn’t have to compensate as much, which will help maintain my eye longevity over time. 

So would I recommend ScreenFit? Absolutely, whether you’re 25 or 75. (And you can score 10% off with the code MBG10.) Even though my accelerated program has ended, I still practice some of the vision exercises and stretches—I now make sure to take vision breaks every 20 minutes (the 20-20-20 rule), and that has certainly helped me avoid the blur. 

As for the long-term benefits, well, we’ll have to see how long it takes until I eventually need some specs. But like most health outcomes, early intervention is key. 

“So often we are reactive rather than proactive,” Appelbaum adds. “We’re waiting until our glasses have increased prescription, or we’re waiting until our productivity and efficiency drops. But if we reprime this dominant sensory system to be the one that guides and leads rather than the one that so often interferes with our world these days, vision can really unlock a lot of our potential and allow for a lot more happiness and better enjoyment in life.”

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