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Are Screens Ruining Our Vision? w/ Dr. Bryce Appelbaum and The BoneCoach™

"Blue light is not bad, but artificial blue light blasted to our brains for hours on end disrupts our circadian rhythm and can be linked to headaches, migraines and more"

  • Curious about the intersection between your eyesight and the health of your bones?
  • Wondering how to slow down the progression of and even reverse your nearsightedness?
  • Want to learn more about vision therapy and how you can train your brain to improve your tired, strained vision?

Then don’t miss out on this fantastic episode!

Join Dr. Bryce Appelbaum, Neuro-Optometrist and Vision Therapy expert, and Kevin Ellis, The Bone Coach as they explore the misdiagnosis and missed opportunities of vision, and how your vision ties into your bone health.

In this episode: 

  • 0:00 – Episode start
  • 4:10 – The connection between our vision and our bone health
  • 7:17 – How your bones can be impacted by cataracts, glaucoma etc.
  • 10:39 – What are some root cause issues for vision problems?
  • 12:22 – Why screens are ruining our eyes and our kids’ eyes
  • 20:32 – What is blue light, and why is some blue light worse than others?
  • 24:25 – Do you like blue light glasses and amber glasses?
  • 28:25 – What is the connection between head injuries and vision?
  • 30:57 – What other conditions may someone be unaware they have that could be connected to their vision?
  • 36:09 – What is Vision Therapy?
  • 39:09 – What is ScreenFit?
  • 45:29 – Are there any downsides to red light therapy?
  • 47:51 – Should you wear sunglasses when we’re outside?
  • 50:32 – Where can people find Dr. Bryce?

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