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VisionFirst, originally known as Appelbaum Vision, was the first practice in the country to offer both Occupational Therapy and Optometric Vision Therapy in the same office and is proud to continue to be considered the gold standard of integrating these fields. We provide the highest quality Occupational Therapy, Optometric Eye Care and Vision Therapy in the same practice. Our history of working together as a team allows us to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to vision, movement, and development for both children and adults.

Are you upbeat, adaptable, and empathetic and do you enjoy working with people from all walks of life including children and adults? Are you interested in helping provide top notch clinical care and facilitating meaningful changes in the lives of our patients and families on a daily basis?

We are looking for the right addition to our team who has exceptional communication skills, a thirst for learning, and who has the unique ability to adapt to constant changes in patient flow throughout the day. Our multidisciplinary practice is always interviewing for additions to our ever growing team of Optometrists, Occupational Therapists, Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Residents, Optometric Assistants, Office Administrators, and/or Interns. New graduates and even those currently on a clinical route with interest in these fields are welcome to apply.

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Current Openings

We are seeking a highly motivated and dedicated Optometrist who is passionate about enhancing lives through vision improvement and vision therapy.

As an Optometrist in our practice, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the visual well-being and overall quality of life for our patients. This is a full-time position that offers a rewarding career with a focus on providing exceptional care and personalized treatment.

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Are you upbeat, energetic, and do you enjoy working with people of all walks of life including children and adults? Do you have a great presence on the phone and a fantastic smile? Are you interested in working 1:1 with a Doctor as you assist them in a clinical setting? Are you detail oriented, personable and professional on the phone? If yes, please apply- we are looking for a medical assistant /front desk admin for multidisciplinary practice in Bethesda, MD.

This is the perfect position for someone wanting clinical experience before applying to Medical School, Optometry School, Occupational Therapy School, P.A school, etc. This is also an excellent opportunity for somone taking a gap year or a new grad looking to find their place in the medical field. The right candidate for this position will be friendly and have an upbeat and extroverted personality. Being a team player and having the ability to adapt to the changes in patient flow throughout the day are required. New grads welcome to apply.

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Looking for a heart centric optometrist passionate about enhancing lives through vision improvement and Vision Therapy. Our practice, formerly Appelbaum Vision and now VisionFirst (https://myvisionfirst.com), is dedicated to changing the way the world views vision as we believe there is so much more to vision than 20/20 eyesight. It is our mission to unlock life’s potential by identifying and treating misdiagnoses and missed opportunities with regard to functional vision.

This is a senior role in the practice and the ideal candidate shares our core values of accountability, trust, compassion, and providing hope for those that we serve along with relevant qualifications & experience. This is a full time position with the day to day consisting of overseeing Vision Therapy treatment sessions, programming treatment plans, providing evaluations and primary care, and managing clinical care in a very busy two location private practice. Great pay, benefits, and culture. 

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VisionFirst Residency Program

Private Practice Residency in Vision Rehabilitation, with Emphasis in Functional Vision, Vision Therapy & Vision Rehabilitation, and Pediatric Optometry

VisionFirst provides a rare and unique opportunity to gain specialized experience in Vision Therapy & Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, while still perfecting primary eye care skills. Additionally, the resident will have the opportunity to be involved in the business side of private practice, myopia control, complex OrthoKeratology, and even how to visually enhance Occupational Therapy, to further enhance their understanding of a wide scope of treatment options for our patients. 

Beyond all else at our office, the patients and their needs come first. We place a premium not only on the clinical visual goals of our patients, but on their individual daily living goals, allowing for life altering outcomes. Join us in unlocking life’s potential through vision!

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