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Experience Enhanced Clarity and Comfort with VisionFirst's Digital Performance Lenses

Introducing our cutting-edge “Digital Performance Lenses” designed to protect your eyes and brain from the harsh realities of prolonged exposure to near digital devices.

Experience the Benefits​

How to get a pair:

  1. Book your consult using the booking form
  2. Complete the assessment intake
  3. Attend the consult with Dr. Appelbaum
  4. Order your customized lenses
  5. Enjoy clarity & comfort everyday

Created by the Experts

Dr. Bryce Appelbaum

Neuro-Optometrist, OD, FOVDR

With over fifteen years of recommending these lenses and compiling data from thousands of patients sharing their real world experiences and feedback from this protective setup, Dr. Appelbaum has dialed in this unique combination of balanced therapeutic lens power with high quality blue light protection.

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