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Glutaryl - Support Your Brain and Body with One Spray

Glutaryl is a revolutionary form of glutathione – your body’s master antioxidant – that is formulated in such a way as to deliver potent and powerful reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress while boosting cellular energy, neuroplasticity, and overall health and wellbeing.

What is Glutathione

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced naturally by our bodies to counter the toxins our body comes into contact with. As our cells create energy, they release what is known as reactive oxygen species, a toxin, which triggers oxidative stress. Left unchecked, oxidative stress leads to inflammation, disease, disfunction, and degeneration of cells, tissues, organs and overall health. Luckily, our bodies come equip to handle some of this oxidative stress through creating anti-oxidants (like glutathione) to keep the cascade of damage in check. However, our modern day lifestyle also exposes us to a tremendous amount of toxins – things like an unhealthy diet (sugar, seed oils, etc), alcohol, environmental and chemical toxins, metabolic disorders, chronic disease, etc. – which all contribute to our load of oxidative stress load. On top of this, glutathione production drops significantly as we age, leading to an inevitable imbalance of too much toxic stress and inflammation and not enough antioxidants to counter it.

This imbalance leads to cellular damage and eventually cell death and causes chronic illness, aging, and disfunction in the body. Conditions linked to oxidative stress (low glutathione levels) include neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; metabolic diseases like high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and Type II diabetes; cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease; autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, and Chrone’s disease; cancer, stroke, proliferation of viruses, and more.

If you are under the care of MyVisionFirst, you know we care deeply about optimizing brain function to enable correction of any vision problems or visual system imbalances you are facing. Without healthy cellular integrity and function, this process is severely hindered. Even though our oxidative toxic load increases as we age, the breakdown of cellular health and increased risk of disease and disfunction is NOT inevitable. You can give your body a chance to heal and restore balance and health by supplementing with glutathione.

What Does Glutathione Do?

How to Increase Your Glutathione Intake

Ways to increase glutathione include eating a whole food’s diet loaded with antioxidants, taking supplements to support regeneration of glutathione like low level vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, and NAC and, the most effective of all supplementing directly with glutathione.

Most glutathione supplements on the market are either pills or liposomal liquid solutions you administer under the tongue. However, when you take anything orally, it goes through digestion, which is actually a process where your body breaks down the glutathione supplement into its fragmented amino acids and in order to use it as glutathione, needs to put those parts back together as the whole compound. Due to enzymatic, nutrient, and genetic deficiencies, most people end up consuming a glutathione supplement, but not actually getting any usable glutathione from it. Studies show a consistent rise of the individual amino acids in the blood, but not of the healing glutathione compound itself.

Why Choose Glutaryl?

This is where Glutaryl comes in. It is a glutathione spray that you spray directly onto your body and is absorbed through the skin. No digestion, no break down of the product, just pure glutathione that is delivered straight to your bloodstream and therefore to every cell in your body. As a result, you can expect inflammation and oxidative stress to start decreasing within just 4 hours after using the product and glutathione levels to be restored to over 100% after just 72 hours of using the product.

What to Expect When You Take Glutaryl

While you may not immediately feel different, you can rest assured knowing you are doing everything in your power to accelerate healing, facilitate healthy aging, ward off disease, and of most interest to us, optimizing brain functioning. In the long term, you will experience less signs of aging, less everyday illness, better metabolic and cardiac blood markers, decreased inflammation, better memory, focus, recovery and more! You should also expect the effects of vision therapy to be enhanced by working with your body to restore optimal brain functioning and vision.

  • <2yrs old is 1 spray BID
  • <6 yrs old is 2 sprays BID
  • >6 yrs old is 3 sprays BID
  • adults (12 – 14 or higher) is 4 sprays BID

Auro Wellness is deeply committed to research and innovation. Following 14 years of intensive research and rigorous testing, Auro Wellness introduced its inaugural product, featuring a fusion of Auro’s multi-patented sub-nano absorption technology and key ingredient, Glutathione. Glutaryl™ stands as the pioneering topical glutathione product capable of providing systemic benefits through skin absorption. Our unwavering dedication remains focused on pioneering advanced methods to empower our customers in attaining vibrant health, all through products engineered to initiate healing from within.

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