Silver Fern Brand Supplement

Silver Fern Brand Supplements

Silver Fern Brand create great quality supplements, designed by people who have ‘been there’ in the health journey. They specialize in Gut Health Supplements which play such a crucial role in our overall health and wellbeing. 

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Head to the Silver Fern Brands website to order direct. Use code: VISIONFIRST to get 10% off Silver Fern Brand Supplements. 


SNiP Nutrigenomics: DNA-Personalized Nutritional Supplements

SNiP provides simplified, personalized biohacking by combining key vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients in one dietary supplement based on your DNA profile. 

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How to Purchase

Click the link below to go to SNiP and order your personalized DNA Kit to get started. 


Nuzest Nutritional Supplements

Nuzest products are a support system of protein, vitamins, plant-foods and nutrients to help your body handle the demands of modern life. 

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Head to the Nuzest site using the button below and use the code DRBRYCE on checkout to receive 20% off your order. 

Aptogenix Premium Supplements

Aptogenix Premium Supplements

Aptogenix are premium grade supplements created by a diverse group of medical professionals and using the highest quality ingredients.

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Click the button below and enter the Provider Code: VisionFirst to place an order directly with Aptogenix.

c60 Purple Power


Carbon 60 from C60 Power is a one of a kind antioxidant supplement which has been linked to a number of health benefits including increased energy and macular regeneration benefits. 

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Get 10% off c60 Purple Power Products when you use the code Visionfirst10 at checkout. 

Head to the website to browse their full range of products and to make a purchase.