How vision can help anxiety, motion sickness, & more

Your vision and brain health are more connected than you think. Just ask board-certified optometrist Bryce Appelbaum, O.D., FCOVD: ​​”If one has trouble focusing their eyes, they’re going to have that much more trouble focusing their mind,” he says on this episode of the mindbodygreen podcast.

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Mind Body Green: ScreenFit Review

“You may not even recognize it, but your tech places a lot of extra strain and stress on the visual system—so much so that your productivity, focus, and efficiency may start to decrease. That’s where ScreenFit comes into play, as the program can dramatically decrease those dreaded symptoms (blur, strain, dryness, etc.) so that you get more done and, most importantly, feel comfortable doing it.”

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CBS Article: Screen time creating nearsighted generation

CHICAGO (CBS) — Screens are the new pandemic when it comes to children’s eyes. That’s the message from a board-certified optometrist.

“Screens are completely ruining our kids’ eyes and brains.”

Dr. Bryce Appelbaum is an optometrist board-certified in vision therapy and a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry. He says the amount of time children are spending on their computers, tablets, and phones is creating a generation of near-sighted young people.

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